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The Solution for Braking and Accumulator Charging!

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Automatically recharge accumulators with the DL10-01 valve. This valve has a 20% reset threshold and is adjustable up to 3300 psi. The WV08DF ‘low side’ shuttle valve locks pressure in fully charged accumulators while directing oil to the lower pressure side.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase machine safety with the leaktight pressure isolation capability of the WV08DF
  • Optimize machine efficiency by unloading the pump when the accumulator system is fully charged
  • Both safety and efficiency is improved without the need for additional or complex electronics
  • Suitable for use with conventional hydraulic fluids (not brake fluids)

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HYDAC Introduces New Smart VFL Indicator

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HYDAC’s new VFL Indicator brings intelligent monitoring to predictive maintenance.

This clogging indicator helps identify contamination-contributing equipment before a costly failure occurs.

The VFL (Virtual Fluid Lab) Series clogging indicator is both reliable and productive.  When used with HYDAC Quality Protected filters, the VFL will pull from its HYDAC element knowledge to provide the most accurate data for element life determination.

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HYDAC Releases LM06W Manually Operated Directional Control Valve

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HYDAC is pleased to announce the introduction of the LM06W series of manually operated poppet valves. The series has a number of benefits to the user, which include:

  • Push to operate, spring return
  • Normally closed poppet valve
  • Leak tight even at high pressures
  • Robust simple operation
  • Use for emergency pilot apply/release for safe equipment operation

Gordon Dow, Design Engineering Manager at HYDAC’s Hydraulic Division in Glendale Heights, IL commented, “A simple manually operated poppet valve, yes, but the beauty of it is the ultra compact footprint. Our customers can install these valves almost anywhere, thereby increasing the presence of emergency flow stops and starts for a safer overall operation. In addition, the valve is affordable and; as it’s made right here in Glendale Heights, available.”

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