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Introducing the New RFB Compact Series

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Small Size – Big Performance

HYDAC is pleased to announce the introduction of the RFB Compact Series filter – the newest member of the HYDAC Air-X return line filter series.

Appropriate for small to medium flow rates, the filter will be sold in five sizes ranging from 45 – 260 lpm. The flow of the filter is inward to outward in a design that is optimized for performance. Additionally, this optimized flow enables reservoir tanks and the fluid inside them, to be reduced in size/volume by as much as 35%. Standard equipment on the filter includes:

  • Integrated lid, including bypass valve
  • Patented bayonet connection between the element and the lid
  • Outlet via diffuser
  • Anti-drain valve is included in the element

Colton Lenz, Product Manager for HYDAC commented, “The addition of the RFB to our our product line is a true win-win for our customers. Not only do they get “big filter” performance in a smaller package, it’s very likely they’ll be able to downsize their reservoir as well with zero compromise in performance. We see this as a potential game-changer in agricultural, construction and material handling applications.”


Learn more here: Filters RFB Compact

HYDAC Introduces Quad-Certified Accumulators

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Our new quad-certified accumulators will meet the pressure vessel requirements of the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union.

  • Certification Cost Saving – No additional certifications fees are added to the
    accumulator cost for the Quad-Certified unit.
  • Inventory Control – One part number to order instead of four. Instead of buying
    four individual accumulators you now only need one. But if you only need just
    one certification, we can fill that requirement as well.
  • Short Lead Times – Delivery out of our Bethlehem and Houston facilities is 2-4
    weeks. You no longer need to wait for delivery lead times of 14-16 weeks from
  • and more

To learn more please click the link below:

Quad Certified Accumulators