Air in oil has a detrimental effect on system reliability, efficiency and performance. Traditionally, the primary method of air separation has been dwell time in the reservoir. As a result, various best practices and rules-of-thumb have specified reservoir sizes based on system flow. This results in larger tank volumes than could be achieved with in-depth tank analysis. With patented technology and detailed analysis, HYDAC can help manufacturers to shrink their reservoir to reduce weight, cost and space claim. In this example, utilizing HYDAC’s RFB Filter – (Return Line Filter Bottom – from 45 – 158 gpm, and pressure range to 145 psi.) provides an up to 50% reduction of air in the tank, along with the ability to reduce the reservoir size by up to 70%. This results in lower maintenance costs, longer life of the hydraulic components, lower vehicle weight, and a smaller reservoir. (Several models are available – RKT, RKB, RFT, and RFB)

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