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Are there other HYDAC Accessory products available other than what is shown in the catalog or website?

Yes, there are many more options, materials and products available that are not shown on the website or found in the catalogue. Please contact HYDAC product management to discuss your requirements. If interested, please review Products for additional product offerings.

Are there opportunities to request special pricing for deeper discounts for competitive situations?

Absolutely, we understand the competitive nature of the commodities business and always welcome an opportunity to win new business for our partners and HYDAC.

Were there any new products released in 2012?

Yes, several. We now offer butterfly valves, low pressure brass and aluminum ball valves, bulls eye level gauges, flanges and many new connections for our breathers, strainers and high pressure ball valves. We also have a very comprehensive line of products for reservoirs and special clamping solutions unique to HYDAC!

Can I get this valve in stainless steel?

​Most valves that HYDAC makes in carbon steel can also be made in stainless steel. If the valve is in the HYDAC USA system we have existing customers for that type and size. If it is not in the HYDAC USA system we would have to review it on an individual case basis. We would require qty, application, and any other detail that could help us provide a quote.

Is this model code a good number?

HYDAC Model Code Charts allow for a large variety of combinations. Refer to the ”Standard Stock” catalogs to steer you to the standard product. Contact Customer Service to verify your selection.

Do you make custom Ball Valves

​Yes, we have design control and an engineering team that is ready to help your isolation concepts become a reality.

What does the A at the end of this model code stand for, KHB-20NPT 1114 12X-A?

That A represents the zinc coating on all our carbon steel ball valves. If you have an older HYDAC valve it may not have an A at the end. This is because the coating used to be a phosphate coating, but HYDAC has switch to the zinc coating due to its better anti-corrosive properties.

What is the difference between an 01X and 11X handle?

Technically there is no difference between the two. They are the same exact handle. The only difference is that the 01X handle comes supplied loose with the valve and the 11X comes attached to the valve. The difference has to do with how HYDAC Germany ships their valves. They ship the valves with the handles loose so they can fit more valves in a box and to reduce the chance of damage in shipping over seas or by air. This also applies to 02X and 12X handles and 06X and 16X handles.

What is the SO760 at the end of this model code, KHB-20NPT 1114 12X-A-SO760?

The SO760 represents a European (German locking device). We also offer a US version of a locking device which is signified by a L at the end of the model code. Ex. KHB-20NPT 1114 12X-A-L