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Are there other HYDAC Accessory products available other than what is shown in the catalog or website?

Yes, there are many more options, materials and products available that are not shown on the website or found in the catalogue. Please contact HYDAC product management to discuss your requirements. If interested, please review Products for additional product offerings.

Are there opportunities to request special pricing for deeper discounts for competitive situations?

Absolutely, we understand the competitive nature of the commodities business and always welcome an opportunity to win new business for our partners and HYDAC.

Are HYDAC clamps interchangeable with all other manufacturer’s pipe clamps?

Yes all HYDAC clamps are manufactured to the DIN 3015 specifications as are our competitors pipe clamps.

Were there any new products released in 2012?

Yes, several. We now offer butterfly valves, low pressure brass and aluminum ball valves, bulls eye level gauges, flanges and many new connections for our breathers, strainers and high pressure ball valves. We also have a very comprehensive line of products for reservoirs and special clamping solutions unique to HYDAC!

Is this model code a good number?

HYDAC Model Code Charts allow for a large variety of combinations. Refer to the ”Standard Stock” catalogs to steer you to the standard product. Contact Customer Service to verify your selection.

Can I buy a Pipe or tube clamp (DIN 3015 clamp) in less than the required multiples? Ex. 25 or 50 PC multiples?

Yes, you can. We offer KIT versions of all our tube and pipe clamp arrangements. These kits come as a complete clamp arrangement in a plastic bag or box (depending on size0 marked with the part number. There is a slightly higher cost associated with the kitted version to account for the labor cost of Kitting the clamp.

I am looking for a 1-inch standard duty pipe clamp with a top plate and weld plate in standard threads. What is the HYDAC part number?

You would want a HRL 5 A 33.7 PP UNC. The first 3 letters tell you the clamp series. the number 5 indicates the family size of the clamp. The A tells you the arrangement. In this case a top plate, clamp pair, weld plate, and bolts. The 33.7 is the metric equivalent of a bore to hole 1” pipe, all of the bore measurements are in mm in our model codes. The PP is the clamp pair material Polypropylene, and the UNC stands for standard threads. You can also find all this information in our online catalog.

Is there a difference between a tube and pipe clamp?

Yes, there is. Pipe and tube outside diameters are measured differently. Which results in the need for different bore diameters for each. As an example an ¼ inch tube clamp would require a 0.25 “(6.4mm) bore where a ¼ pipe clamp would require a 0.54 “ (13.7mm) bore diameter. A chart can be found in our online catalog for these dimensions under the clamp section-DIN 3015 clamps.