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Are there other HYDAC Accessory products available other than what is shown in the catalog or website?

Yes, there are many more options, materials and products available that are not shown on the website or found in the catalogue. Please contact HYDAC product management to discuss your requirements. If interested, please review Products for additional product offerings.

Are there opportunities to request special pricing for deeper discounts for competitive situations?

Absolutely, we understand the competitive nature of the commodities business and always welcome an opportunity to win new business for our partners and HYDAC.

Were there any new products released in 2012?

Yes, several. We now offer butterfly valves, low pressure brass and aluminum ball valves, bulls eye level gauges, flanges and many new connections for our breathers, strainers and high pressure ball valves. We also have a very comprehensive line of products for reservoirs and special clamping solutions unique to HYDAC!

Is this model code a good number?

HYDAC Model Code Charts allow for a large variety of combinations. Refer to the ”Standard Stock” catalogs to steer you to the standard product. Contact Customer Service to verify your selection.

Can I kit my Hydraulic Reservoirs Accessories for an OEM to get special pricing?

Yes we recommend it and can work with you to make it happen.

Do you offer the BDZ series anymore? If not, what is the best replacement suggestion.

No, we no longer offer the BDZ series. Our suggested replacement option is the BDM series. This series was designed for use in areas with limited space. This is offered both with and without a relieve valve option.

  • P/N: (2207462) BDM 085 N 2 W 2.0
  • P/N: (2207463) BDM 085 N 2 W 2.0 / -RV0.02

The major difference is that the BDM has a ¾ “NPT male tank connection and the      BDZ had a ¾” NPT female tank connection. Also, the BDM is about 1’ larger in diameter and height then the BDZ.

I need to size a breather/I need a breather sized. What information do you need to know?

What is the maximum rate of change in your tank? The return and out put on a tank my vary. In other words, you may not always be pumping out and taking in the same amounts. So, subtract the output from the return, this would be your maximum rate of change at any given time. This can then be used with the pressure flow curve to determine the size breather you will need. Also, what is the environment like very humid or dusty? This will also help determine the proper size breather. As these conditions can reduce the breather’s life quicker then dry and less dusty environments.

What is the difference between the FSA and FSK Sight gauges?

While they both perform the same function, measuring the level of fluid in your tank the can report this information differently. The FSA is strictly a visual gauge. You can add an internal thermometer in the sight glass to show temperature or and an external dial thermometer to the FSA. The FSK is can also be used visually for fluid level and can have a dial thermometer also, but the FSK is also fitted with an electrical switch to detect fluid level and output a signal. Also, it can be fitted with thermal switches to measure and output fluid temperature to a monitoring system or safeguard.