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Does HYDAC make ”Common Cavity” cartridge valves?

Yes, HYDAC makes cartridge valves that will fit most manufacturers’ ”Industry Common Cavity” designs. It is always best to check the competitive cavity dimensional drawings to ensure that they HYDAC valves will fit. For 5000 psi service, only the HYDAC cavity should be used. HYDAC’s common cavity drawings are available on-line at: Catalogs

Does HYDAC make valve manifolds?

Yes, HYDAC is one of the best, and most unique sources, of hydraulic manifolds. We manufacturer many items used ever more frequently in manifold design along side cartridge valves. Filters, accumulators, transducers, pressure switches, and ball valves are all made directly by HYDAC – not private labeled or outsourced. Our experienced design team and advanced, 3D capability provide the resources you’ll need for a cost and space efficient design. Please contact us for any design inquiries. Email the Hydraulic Division

What pressure are HYDAC cartridges good to?

​Most HYDAC cartridge valves are able to operate continuously to 5000 psi. There are some exceptions to this rule. Be sure to consult the correct valve datasheet from HYDAC before applying any HYDAC product. If you have any questions regarding the pressure or flow capabilities of a HYDAC cartridge, please contact the Hydraulic Division

My customer has a ”Flutec” valve. Is this something from HYDAC?

Yes. ”Flutec” is a divisional ”brand” name produced for 25 years by HYDAC. Hydraulic Division can help you identify and replace any Flutec cartridge valve. The Flutec name is no longer in active use; now, all Flutec products are replaced by HYDAC branded cartridges. Please contact us for any of your Flutec cartridge requirements. Email the Hydraulic Division

How do I get pricing?

The coil we installed is very hot. Is that normal?

HYDAC coils are designed and rated for continuous duty under the conditions stated on the corresponding solenoid valve datasheet. In most cases, coils will ”stabilize” at temperatures around 200 F. The coil surface temperature is dependent on the voltage applied, the ambient temperature surrounding the coil and even the temperature of the oil in the system (among other factors). If you are experiencing repeated coil failures or would like to review the temperature conditions of your system, please contact the Hydraulic Division at 630-545-0800.

Are ”explosion proof” solenoid valves or coils available from HYDAC?

No. In the past, HYDAC offered some types of hazardous duty coils. These are now obsolete and cannot be replaced. If a HYDAC cartridge valve is to be used in a hazardous duty or ”explosion proof” application, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide a method of assuring that all application criteria are met.

Does HYDAC offer valves for ”brake fluid” applications?

​No. HYDAC does not offer EPDM sealed cartridge valves and will not authorize the use of any standard valves for use in brake fluid applications. Braking systems using common, mineral based oils (or approved synthetics) are acceptable and encouraged applications for HYDAC cartridge valves. If you are concerned about fluid compatibility in your application, please contact the Hydraulic Division

May I have CAD drawings of the cartridges?

DXF format CAD files of some HYDAC cartridge products are available upon request. To make a request please email the Hydraulic Division.