What do the model codes mean?

​For example in the code 1.6-210: 1.6 Calls out the full load flow in Liters per minute and 210 refers to the maximum pressure in bar of the pump motor combination. The charts in the catalog have these numbers converted into GPM and PSI.

Are the stated flows in the catalog at 0 PSI?

​The flows stated in a catalog for a given pump motor combination are at full load pressure for that combination. The pressure setting of the relief valve will effect the actual usable flow as the working pressure gets closer to the pressure relief valve setting.

Can the motors run at 50 Hz?

​In most cases yes. Please call the factotry with your voltage and phase requirements if not shown in the catalog.

What does Short Term/Intermittent Duty Mean?

​Our units can be run at full load for 5 consecutive minutes before it will reach the thermal limit of 176 degrees F – at this point the unit must cool to ambient temperature before another full 5 minute cycle can be run. Or the units can be run at full load intermittently on a 10% motor on, 90% motor off work cycle. If the units are run below the maximum pressure the time and percentage of on time may be increased – but will not be able to run continuous without cooling.

Does this mean the components are rated for intermittent duty?

​All individual components in the system are rated for continuous duty. Heat is the limiting factor. If the unit’s motor, and therefore the oil, can be kept under 140 degrees F the units can be run continuously. This can be accomplished with a cooler or with a larger reservoir.

What is the P option for?

​Single phase motors do not have the starting torque to restart under the full load pressure. The P option is required for single phase only. With this option the pump is unloaded between work cycles so it can restart unloaded – even though pressure is still held in the system with valves.

Why do single phase motors ship with capacitors?

​Our single phase motors requires capacitors for start and run. The capacitor is an energy storage device that unloads when the motor requires the extra energy to start or continue running. A capacitor is the electrical equivalent to a hydraulic accumulator.

We have just installed a new Hydac power unit and it seems to be running very hot.

​This is a common occurrence during a new installation/setup on a machine. As the installation process is worked through, the motor has most likely been running for much longer times or more frequent cycles than what the machine’s normal working cycle will be. This happens because relief valves are being adjusted, flow controls may need adjustment, and even curiosity with a new piece of equipment can cause the run time to be longer than what the actual everyday work cycle will be. After installation, run a simulation of the actual application to see if heat is still a problem

My application requires more usable oil volume. Do you have a larger tank than what is shown in the catalog?

​We do a have larger tanks available that are not yet in the published or electronic literature. Please call for information on these tanks. An alternative is to purchase a power unit without a tank for installation into your reservoir.

Is there a DC motor Option with the CA or HP Series Power Units?

​No, These unit have AC motors only.