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What is the Inlet and outlet port on your heat exchangers?

For our non – bypass air coolers either port can be used as the Inlet or outlet. Hydac would recommend that the inlet be at the bottom and outlet at the top. For our coolers which include a bypass valve (IBP or IBT) the inlet is on the same header as to where the bypass valve is threaded into while the outlet would be on the opposite header.

Can the motor rotate in both directions?

While for a majority of our motors, both electric and hydraulic, the motor can be spun in the opposite direction we do not recommend doing so. The reason is the fans for the coolers are normally designed to be rotated in one direction only. Spinning the fan in the opposite direction as indicated can lead to cooling inefficiencies and possibly to motor failure. Also where a pump is included with our cooler the pump is designed to spin in one direction only so spinning the motor in the opposite direction can cause the pump to fail.

Can I reverse the fan to change from a Pull to Push style air flow (or Push to Pull)?

No, the fans are designed to rotate in only one direction and the fan would need to be changed out to change the allowable air flow direction.

Do you have a wiring diagram for the motor?

The wiring diagram for the motor is normally either on the motor nameplate or possibly on the inside cover of the electrical box. If you cannot find the wiring diagram please contact factory.

Can I add the internal bypass to the cooler on my machine? Can I remove the Internal bypass from the cooler on my machine?

Our coolers with bypass valves have a special cast port welded on. Therefore the heat exchangers with and without the bypass valve option are different part numbers. The entire heat exchanger would need to be replaced to either add or remove the bypass option.

Can my electric motor run at 50 Hz?

While most of our electric motors can be run at either 50 Hz or 60 Hz, the motor nameplate does not always display the information. Please contact factory for verification. Also if it is required that 50 Hz be shown on the nameplate please contact factory ahead of time with this requirement. The motor manufactures usually require an extra fee to have this information printed on the nameplate.

Do you have heat exchangers that use water for the cooling medium?

Yes, we have a brazed plate type of water/oil cooler as well as a gasket style water/oil cooler as options for a solution.