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Is HYDAC willing to manufacture a non-standard type of pressure sensor?

Yes, HYDAC manufactures non-standard pressure sensors. A large part of our business dealing in pressure sensors is generated from non-standard type of applications. Some are very minor changes such as non-standard pressure ranges, pressure ports, electrical connection, etc. Still others are full custom designs. As a guideline, the type of questions which we will ask before we can accept a non-standard project are: Annual quantity, application, end user, minimum purchase quantities, design time requirements etc.

Where can I find manuals for the electronic products?

Manuals can be found on the HYDAC USA “Download” section. Follow the link provided Manuals Section. Then use the drop down menu to expand the Electronic section. This will display the current Electronic user manuals.

Can I get calibration certificates for pressure transducers?

Yes, you can get calibration certificates with the pressure transducers. Please inquire. They are traceable to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

When is calibration needed?

Calibration should be done at least once a year depending on the operating conditions and whether it is intended for use as a measurement or test equipment.

Where can I get CAD files?

You can request CAD files from Electronics via:

Where can I download the HMGWIN Software?

The HMGWIN software can be downloaded from the following link: HMGWIN Software Link

Are cables and connectors available from HYDAC / TTC?

TTC has standard prototype harnesses 10ft lead, for controllers displays, and telematics as well as non-proprietary connector kits

Where can I download software and/or datasheets?

To download any of our Software please go to the link below:

HYDAC Software

For any and all datasheet, please use the “Search Function” locate in the top Navigation.

If you cannot find any Software, or datasheets that you need support on please contact our Electronics Support Group: ( )

Do you offer training & support for your products?

Yes, virtual trainings, and support via phone, emails, conf-calls.

What is the website for TTControl?

What software do you offer to program controllers & displays?

Variety of solutions, including C, Codesys, MATCH, Qt, and others

Are 2D and 3D cad files available for your hardware?

Yes, service area of the TTControl website

Do you offer developer-kits?

Yes, the kits include a board, PCAN, cabling and a controller of your choice.

Does TTControl offer Safety rated controllers?

es, SIL2 .. PLd, and AgPld (13849, 26262, add ag )

Does HYDAC/TTC offer Safety Certified programming environments?

Yes, the MATCH toolchain & Codesys SIL2

Does TTC offer telematics or remote telemetry?

Yes, TTC offers the TTC-WAVE telematics unit

Are there programming examples or workshops available? service area (target downloads, examples, and videos)

What do I need to get started programming a controller and/or display?

​We have numerous starter kits available for both controllers and displays which contain everything you need to get started (i.e. controller, break out board, cables, software). This is intended to be a one-time purchase for the project.

How much do the displayscontrollers cost?

​Please contact your local distributor for a quote. Distributors may be found at: Distributor

Does TTControls make cables?

Yes, however, they are only available in limited lengths. We have connectors and wiring diagrams available for cable assembly.

Where can I download software and documentation for your controllers and displays?

Please contact for information

Do you offer training and support for your products?

Please contact to discuss your needs.