Diesel Fuel Should be High and Dry!

HYDAC’s diesel fuel filtration products remove a high degree of water – up to 99.5% in fact. And dry fuel means you’re ready to set sail!


GHCF Series

GeoSeal® High-Flow Coalescing Filter
150 psi • up to 25 gpm
Dispensing, transfer or polishing filtration applications
Uses patented GeoSeal® elements
All-aluminum filter housing is fully compatible with diesel and biodiesel



BDFP Series

Bulk Diesel Filtration Panel
Up to 25 gpm
Turn key coalescing and filtration system, for use as a fuel transfer, polishing, and dispensing solution
Incorporates high-efficiency particulate and water removal filtration into a stationary mounted system with pump
Available with either electrical or air operated pump options for more system flexibility



Betterfit Parker FBO Elements

Our Betterfit design allows for our particulate and proven coalescing water removal filtration technology to be used within the Parker FBO Series filters found in the field today.
HYDAC Betterfit Coalescing elements use proven, three stage coalescing filtration technology
HYDAC Betterfit Particulate elements use fully synthetic, multi-layered filtration technology
Synthetic filtration media eliminates degradation due to high water content fuel