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Q: How do I determine which type of accumulator is needed for my application?

A: There is a general comparison chart (see below) which is also located in the Overview section of the Accumulator catalog which is located at Catalogs > Complete catalog which compares and contrasts the 3 main types of accumulators (bladder, diaphragm and piston) to various parameters.

The selection consideration for these 3 types of accumulators are:

  • Application Type (energy storage, shock absorbptino or pulsation damening), see Application Examples section of the Accumulator catalog
  • System pressure, maximum and minimun
  • Required system fluid volume
  • Ambient temperatures
  • Fluid-to-elastomer compatability
  • Flow rate
  • Pressure Ratio(max. pressure / precharge pressure)
  • Installation envelope and mounting position


This chart can be used to determine which accumulator type best fits certain applications or system requirements. Please contact Product Management to verify that the proper accumulator has been selected.