HYDAC is an industry leader in filtration technologies for hydraulic power. We offer hundreds of fluid conditioning parts to fight against contamination in your hydraulic system.

While we see the immediate cost-savings tied to clean hydraulic fluids, we understand that money can be tight and funds not easily accessible to purchase the capital equipment needed to promote system uptime.

To better help our customers through this challenge, we are pleased to offer the HYDAC Rental Equipment Program!

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Equipment Rental for In-Plant
Fluid Cleanliness

Through our experience, we know that a strategically placed oil dehydrator makes all the difference in a plant or factory.

Having state-of-the-art technology available to solve potentially serious problems with contamination puts your mind at ease that today will not be the day that surprises you with hours of unplanned downtime.

By offering the all-new HYDAC Rental Equipment Program, we are able to extend our proven fluid conditioning technology to a wider reach.

Available for rental are some of our larger fluid conditioning systems,
such as:
Offline Fluid Conditioning
High Volume Fluid Polishing
Mass Transfer & Vacuum Dehydration
Varnish Removal

The HYDAC Difference

Unlike other renting tools, HYDAC offers the technical support, assistance, and training needed to get the best possible result.

And that’s whether you decide to rent-to-own or simply rent and ship back!

Our rental equipment is supplied with the highest quality filtration to clean up your system efficiently and the
skillset to help you achieve maximum operating potential.

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About Offline Fluid Conditioning

It’s no secret that fluid power or hydraulic machines benefit from clean fluid.
The use of an offline filtration cart, kidney loop system, and hydraulic reservoir or storage tank all provide cleaner fluid for optimal system performance.

Incorporate a fluid condition monitoring device from our Diagnostics (IoT) Division and you’ll know exactly when your fluid meets cleanliness requirements of the most critical components.

Participants in the HYDAC Rental Equipment Program have already seen benefits in the form of:

Extend oil service life
Longer component life
Move from reactive to predictive maintenance
Increase overall machine reliability and production uptime

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High Volume Fluid Polishing and Flushing Equipment

Preventative measures can reduce the ingress of contaminants in a system. Whether the contaminates are coming from new oil being delivered to the plant or a system coming back up from maintenance, the oil circulating throughout the plants machines should be filtered.

Quickly removing particulate contamination through the use of kidney loop filtration will greatly reduce the costly failures and unplanned downtime. Maintaining a target fluid cleanliness level will result in better overall operational efficiency of a machine in service.

Benefits of Using Rental Equipment

For a small investment, companies can try out the latest technology before making the capital investment to purchase.

With rental equipment available, customers now have the option to use the equipment as long as needed and return it when they are done.

Varnish Removal

Varnish is related to oil aging and can come from elevated oil temperatures, electrostatic discharge and change in
oil chemistry.
Varnish Mitigation Units are designed to remove free and dissolved varnish from hydraulic oils. They are also
effective at removing deposits in the system by improved system function through less buildup of varnish deposit
throughout the hydraulic system.

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