Small Size – Big Performance

HYDAC is pleased to announce the introduction of the RFB Compact Series filter – the newest member of the HYDAC Air-X return line filter series.

Appropriate for small to medium flow rates, the filter will be sold in five sizes ranging from 45 – 260 lpm. The flow of the filter is inward to outward in a design that is optimized for performance. Additionally, this optimized flow enables reservoir tanks and the fluid inside them, to be reduced in size/volume by as much as 35%. Standard equipment on the filter includes:

  • Integrated lid, including bypass valve
  • Patented bayonet connection between the element and the lid
  • Outlet via diffuser
  • Anti-drain valve is included in the element

Colton Lenz, Product Manager for HYDAC commented, “The addition of the RFB to our our product line is a true win-win for our customers. Not only do they get “big filter” performance in a smaller package, it’s very likely they’ll be able to downsize their reservoir as well with zero compromise in performance. We see this as a potential game-changer in agricultural, construction and material handling applications.”


Learn more here: Filters RFB Compact

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