Machine Tools (forming) and Presses

From the component to the system, whether it be hydraulics, cooling, lubrication or additional functions for mechanical and hydraulic presses:

  • Overload systems for mechanical presses
  • Hydraulic systems (power units and control units) for controlling hydraulically actuated clutch/brake combinations (CBC) or just for braking (servo presses)
  • Standardized modules for pressure supply to clutch/brake, lubrication and additional functions (ram adjustment, tool clamping, roller stand, etc)
  • Compact control units in modular design:

Basic module with press safety valve and electronic pressure switch
Basic module with flange-mounted accumulator unit, constructed in accordance with DGRL
Intermediate device, damping module “soft coupling” (optional)
Intermediate device, damping module ‘soft braking’ (optional)

  • Press cylinders and control blocks
  • Compact power units, primarily for tool clamping and pressure supply, up to 500 bar
  • Hydraulic systems for mechanical and hydraulic presses, and for all press-specific functions of metal forming machinery



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