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Welcome to the HYDAC-NA "Content Manager" site!

This "Content Manager" interface was created for HYDAC with the purpose of simplifying the process of adding/deleting/modifying content to be published on the HYDAC-NA website. This alleviates the need to write or modify any of the HTML code driving the .aspx pages within the website. The only exceptions are some of the elements within the homepage (/sites/hydac-na/pages/hydac-home.aspx) which are already pretty simple to modify within that pages code. 


Below are a few tasks that are frequently used to make the data and content managed here within the "Content Manager" available to the HYDAC-NA website and other site collections within this SharePoint farm:

Create site columns

Create site columns for the item properties that describe your products, for example Color or Size.
When your product catalog site is crawled, the site columns will automatically become managed properties for search.


Manage site content types

Add site columns to the site content type Product.
If you have item groups that have very different item properties, consider creating additional site content types for each item group, inheriting from Product.


Manage item hierarchy in Term Store

Add terms to the term set Product Hierarchy . This term set represents how items in the product catalog are categorized. The Item Category site column is mapped to this term set.


Add catalog items

Add catalog items to the Products list.               Add catalog items to the Industries list.                    Add catalog items to the Worldwide Locations list.

Add catalog items to the FAQs list.

Consider creating additional lists based on the amount and complexity of your catalog data.


Modify search properties

Modify the managed properties settings so that users of cross-site publishing can query for and refine on properties in the catalog.
Before you can modify the properties, the catalog items must be approved and crawled.