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We have provided this tool to make it easy for our customers and distributors to quickly find the proper HYDAC Betterfit Element to Interchange with the elements of our competitors.

    Benefits of Using Betterfit Elements:
  • High Dirt Holding Capacities
  • Low Pressure Drops
  • High Efficiency Absolute Ratings
  • Great Cost to Value Ratio
  • Global Availability
  • Supported Mesh Packs
  • A Trusted Name in Filtration for Over 35 Years
  • A Single Source for all of your elements!

So Go Ahead! -- Switch to HYDAC's Betterfit Elements Today!
If you can't find the element you are looking for, please fill out the "Ask the experts form" to see if your element is scheduled for production, or if your volumes qualify for a special order!

Enter the Model code (or a portion of it) for your element here:

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