Smart Solutions

HYDAC technology plays a key role in the challenges of improving machine performance and reliability. We optimize machine architecture!

Cooling Solutions For Mobile Applications
The ELD mobile cooler uses a combination of high performance cooling elements and long life DC electrical powered fans to give extended trouble-free operation in mobile hydraulic applications. The compact design allows the coolers to fit most equipment and provides the highest cooling performance in heat dissipation while minimizing space required.
ELD Mobile-Coolers

Filter / Tank Optimization
Introducing the newest member of the HYDAC Air-X Return Line Filters, RFB Compact Series Five sizes offered, from 0045-0260
      Flow ranges up to 69 gpm (260 lpm)
      In-out flow design for optimized performance
      Reduce tank & oil volume by 35%
Filters RFB Compact

TTControl Touchscreen Displays
Vision 312 is a robust 12.1” touchscreen display with built-in, high-end Vision 3 display controller and solid protection for use in off-highway vehicles.

Electronic Sensors
Functional Safety Rated Sensors in Mobile Applications
1. Inclinometer – HIT 1500
      Motion Compensated
2. Angle Sensor – HAT 1000
      360° Continuous rotation
HAT 1000

Diaphragm Accumulators SBO Series
A cost effective option for numerous functions involving energy storage, shock absorption or pulsation dampening in a hydraulic or fluid system.
      Function-optimized and weight-optimized design
      Unlimited choice of installation positions
      Low maintenance and long service life
Accumulator Application Guide

Mobile Mini Drymicron, Dessicant Breather BDM Series
HYDAC BDM breathers prevent dirt and water vapor from entering the gearbox or hydraulic system, improving the overall life of the equipment they are mounted on.