In hydraulic systems, the use of fluids with low conductivity results in friction between the fluids and the system components. This friction generates electrostatic discharges, which cause oil degradation, aging, varnish and filter element burns. Oil degradation can lead to components (gears, bearings, valves, etc.) failing prematurely due to contamination and/or inadequate lubrication. HYDAC’s Patented Stat-X Filter Elements – Prevents both electrostatic buildup and discharge, under virtually all operating conditions, including:

  • Low temperature cold start
  • Extremely low oil conductivities

(Group II & III Base Stocks, ex: used in Power Generation circuits)

  • High flow flushing operations
  • Hydraulic loads well above 0.02 L/min/cm2

By mitigating electrostatic discharge, oil degradation, filter element damage and component failure are decreased. This results in significant cost savings due to increased time between service intervals (less maintenance $$) and longer component and oil life. In addition, safety for both employees and machines is also significantly enhanced.

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